For Sale - GFC Unit 415 V1

For Sale:
Unit 415 / V1
Asking $7400
This fits Gen 2 /3 Tacoma and a few other trucks. Long Bed. View their site for fitment.
Location - Golden Colorado
Includes All Josh Edgard Designs Products ( Tent Lock, Hatch Lock, Side Steps, Magspots, Driprail) & GFC Ladder.
Front and Rear Window
Updated Hinges
Rear and Side Tent ( Driver ) Door.
Picked Up December 2019. Hinges updated Spring 2021
Everything is in great shape. Any defects are cosmetic to the frame (Paint scratches ) or inside of the doors ( rub marks ).
I’m really not looking forward to selling this, but I may need the cash to purchase a house. I’ve camped in it about 15 times, but it’s been most useful as a topper.
Email is
Thank you,

The Truck is also for sale starting September 20th.

Nice looking rig. In CO as well, where are you at. Very interested and would like to take a look at it.


That is for a short bed right?

Nope it’s for a long best, I’ll update the post.

Camper is sold. Thanks for your interest.