For Sale GFC XL GMC 2500 6.5'

Purchased new from GFC in August 2022. Plans have changed and have not had time to use it.

Asking $8750

Located in Denver, CO

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What year is your gmc?

It is a 2017. Sorry for the delay


It is a 2017

Update: $8000

Dimensions are roughly 81" x 66" rail to rail and the rails are about 2" thick each

What’s included here, I see two beef bars, black paint. No side doors. I think I see a rear window? Is there a front?


Yes two beef bars, black paint, no side doors, no ladder, rear window, front window.

I am taking this to storage in Kansas City on 3/13. Last chance to make an offer! Open to anything

Is this still available?? Very interested if so. Can you send some more photos of the inside

What’s your contact info, very interested. I am located in Denver.

(714)399-8244 thanks!

I have reached out. Was that the correct number?

Still for sale? I just bought a 2023 Silverado Double Cab / standard 6.5’ bed. I think this would fit and would be interested.

Wry interested. Still available?