For sale: Kinsman Awning

Selling a Kinsman Awning. Drivers side. Used on a V1 XL camper. $1,800.

Where are you located?

Orange County, California.

Dropping the price to $1,600 if it can sell before the end of February.


Compatible with v2, standard size?

I had it on a V1, you will have to order a V2 bracket from Kinsman to switch out with the V1 bracket.

I believe the V2 brackets from Kinsman are $300

Can I ask why you’re selling it? Not a fan?

I actually love the awning, but I recently sold my GFC and the buyer did not want to purchase it.

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Would you ship to the east coast?

I would ship to the east coast.

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Sent you a private message

Kinsman awning still for sale.

Interested in buying the awning from you – can pick up in Orange County in late April if that’s alright!

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Yes, that is alright. Send me a direct message to coordinate.

@T1OVERLAND - Still for sale?

I have someone picking it up this weekend. If it falls through I will let you know.

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