For sale- spot 2068 - est. August build

I was able to get a sooner build reservation and am looking to sell my build spot. 2068, estimated for August 2022, $500.
Thank you

I think you mean 2021, not 2022…

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I did haha thanks! That was a mistake, this summer! 2021!

You still have the spot?

I do, I messaged you

Still available august build

Hi, I’m interested! LMK, thx

Sent you a pm, check your mail

I am interested in buying this spot from you if you still have it.

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I just sent you a pm

Also very interested got moneys in hand! Thanks!

@Medicfung I’ll take this spot. Please message me directly. I just need to confirm that I can pick the camper up after it is done and have contacted the GFC crew to affirm.

Sorry man, I decided to keep this spot, I’ll update my post, thanks