For Sale spot #741 ***SOLD***

When deposit was paid production start date was set at Oct 2020. Asking $575 which is exactly what I paid. This was originally designated for an XL model but can be changed prior to the start of production. No colors set yet and every option should still be available for your desired build.

Upon contacting GFC support about trying to sell my spot here was the response. "Thanks for reaching out–the deposit is non-refundable, but you can sell your Unit# to a prospective buyer. GFC cannot facilitate in finding a buyer or the transferring of funds. Once you have found a buyer, we simply need an email thread, with both parties attached, stating that you would like to forego your place in line to the new buyer. "

Update from GFC

Howdy, Curtis!

Taylor from Go Fast Campers here. I have some great news for you! As you know, we’ve been hustling at the shop to get ahead of the game. The production team has been absolutely crushing, cranking out more and more campers every week! Because of everyone’s hard work here at the shop, I’m able to make this exciting announcement:

When you put your initial deposit down, we estimated that your build would start October 2020. I’m super stoked to inform you that we are rolling back your estimated start date to April 2020!

We are doing our best to hit the mark on these estimations. We wouldn’t be making this announcement unless we were feeling confident about them, but there’s always a chance that your build could start before or after this date by a couple of weeks. As always, we appreciate your patience during the production process. A lot of hard work and planning is going into your build.

What’s changing?
Apart from us getting product to you sooner, not much. But that’s a big deal! As always, your build will still start about 12 weeks from the time of invoicing and we still estimate that the production process takes about 12 weeks from start to finish.

We’ll be making an announcement later this week, but we wanted to let you know first. All of us here at GFC are stoked to bring you this news, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to holler. I’m here to help!

Drive hard, camp well,
Taylor Wallace
Team GFC

Hello, I am interested, is this still available?

Yes this spot is still available.

Hey Man,
I have a June build date, 802, but I would love to have the unit for the summer.
I would like to buy your spot.
Do you want to start an email chain with GFC and then I can Venmo you the funds once they confirm everything?

Reservation has been sold to NineSevenZero