For Sale: Superlite with Ladder

Good condition, only slept in a handful of times. Exterior a little faded but no holes or punctures.

Selling to prepare for camper arrival

Pick up in San Jose, CA

$1200 obo

Hi! What year did you purchase this? Can you please give me more details about its condition? Maybe a couple more photos? Thank you!

Hey there. I purchased the tent about a year ago. The outside is a little sun faded and there are some scuff marks on the exterior corner from moving it around. Other than that there are no tears or rips on the exterior or the tent itself. The inside is pretty much perfect. No stains or odors. I’ll be back in town Monday and I’ll take a bunch of pictures for you.


Pictures as promised. Lmk if you want specific closeups. Also I forgot to mention in my add. The front GFC marking is upside down. Never bothered me though. If anything it helps me pick out my camper from the crowd.