For Sale/Trade uptop overland racks/ikamper

I am selling my uptop overland racks and tent. I am asking 8k for everything but willing to sell just the racks. If anyone has a V2 GFC I would be willing to trade with cash. Located in Denver CO
-Roof rack with color matched sidewalls
-Baja designs 8x dome lights
-Full hight bed truss rack
-Alpha EX cap rack with color matched sidewalls

If you have the time, and are so inclined… would you post a picture of the BD rack mounted rock lights at night. I’m getting ready to put lights on my taco roof rack for camping/work light and am up in the air between KC cyclones, BD rock lights, and Rigid’s angled scene light.

Sorry for the off topic reply, and Good luck with the sale!

No problem!

Possibly interested in this! I live in Denver. Any chance I could take a look? don’t want to commit to take it just yet, but would like to check it out if you are willing. Can you email me offline?

I just sent you an email!

I also have black side pieces if you don’t have a white truck