For Sale Two GFC Immediate Production Slots $500ea

Two build slots for sale, immediate production dates, received invoice to pay balance Thursday 9/10.
Options have been set but I am sure they can be changed prior to production.
Builds #1132 & #1133

I’ll take one! LMK how you want to do the payment!

I’ll take the other…

thanks Bill…
I will contact GFC tomorrow and let you know the process with them and how to pay me.

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I will contact GFC tomorrow to determine their process and also let you know how to pay me.

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Howdy Ted! Is this still available? I’m 100% interested! Let me know! Feel free to PM me! Thanks! Caitlin

Sounds great Ted, I sent you a DM with my contact information as well. I’ll be in the mountains tomorrow til as late as 6PM (i may be able to get text or a call though), so I’ll be a bit off the grid till evening. Psyched!

Don’t want to be a party-pooper here, but are you sure these are immediate production spots? Generally you don’t receive the invoice until about 12 weeks BEFORE production. I have a sooner production number than these and mine is not scheduled for production until November and has been fully paid for over a month now.

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I was assuming this is a Late December or January BEGIN build date.

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Hey there,

Just jumping in here to let you know the estimated start date for these units, which is December 2020. We generally ask for options and send out invoices 10-12 weeks prior to the estimated start dates, which is why we’ve been in touch with you recently.


Just checking in to make sure I did not miss any correspondence

Hi All-
After further consideration… I will be keeping both slots.
So sorry!

Thanks for the heads up. Enjoy em!!