For Sale: V1 Camper for Short Bed Gen 3 Tacoma

V1 Camper in black. Has been upgraded to embassy hinges. There are some mild scratches that have not removed finish, but are still visible due to contact with small tree branches. Camper does not have windows, but does have and tail light on the rear panel.

The camper comes with 2x Yakima roundbars on top and an ARB awning (1250mm X 2100mm) with mounting hardware. The camper has seen little use slept in probably six times due to unforeseen work demands and family demands.

Location is the greater Destin, FL area. I’m willing to drive up to an hour or two to meet.

Price: $5,450

Please DM if interested

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im interested and in tampa area

I’m interested if you still have it. Shooting you a message

Bumping for awareness

Any idea if this would fit a 2019 Nissan Frontier 5-foot bed (crew cab)?


Hey @Spokanistani - This will not fit your Nissan Frontier.

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How do I DM on here?

Hey @nat3060 - Hopefully my screenshot below will add some clarity, but hit me up if you need help.

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I’m interested. Please dm me if you still have it. Thank you

I’m interested. Can’t figure out pm, please message me if it’s still available!

Hey is this still for sale I’m interested if so? Please let me know

I tried finding out how to message you and can’t find out how. I’m interested. Can you message me?

I noticed the facebook marketplace listing for this has been marked as sold