For Sale: V1 Camper Tacoma Long Bed - Sold

V1 Camper for Tacoma 6’ bed
Add Ons:
Doors all sides
Beef rack bars
All mounting attachments
Rear Panel w/ window
Rear Panel w/o window
Wind skid
Black color tent
Black Panels
Orange Frame

*Make me an offer
Cell: 323-867-7675

IMG_2003 Small

Location ?

Bay Area, CA

Could yah do 4.8?

For those interested in this sale, the V1 Camper will fit all three generations of the Tacoma. :metal:

Thank you for clarifying that. I’ve actually switched it from the 2014 tacoma posted here to currently mounted on a 2022 tacoma.

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Hey thanks for inquiring about this. Not quite sure I want to let it go for that low. It barely has any use, and has most if not all upgrades + an additional option rear panel w/ window if you want to swap it.

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For the right price I may even deliver it. :wink:

I’m in SLC - would be a mighty drive. What $ yah thinking :)?

I have an Ikon pass so that would be worth it for me. Text me 323-867-7675