For sale V1 GFC for 6’ 4” ram 2500 $4,500.00

I have a v1 camper for 6’ 4” rams
It’s fairly used, but all locks and hinges work great.
Located in Utah but willing to drive a bit if you need me to,

Very interested. How difficult is it to swap truck to truck? I’d be driving from CA

It’s not to difficult, with 3 guys minimum though.
I switch it around between 2 rams I have and never had issues

Is this still available? Where in Utah are you? I’m in Riverdale, UT. I have a first gen tundra and think this will fit. Please text me 8019170694. Thanks!

I’d like to buy the camper. Have a 3rd gen I’ll be putting it on if it’s available.

Hi sorry the camper is pending sale rite now, I can let you know after the weekend if it’s still available

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I’d be very interested and could come out tomorrow if it doesn’t sell. Let me know, thanks!

Camper is sold