For Sale V1 XL #537 Ram 2500

I had to trade in the Power Wagon so looking to sell my Camper:( The truck specs: 2018 Ram Power Wagon 2500, 6’4" bed, 4-Door

GFC Unit #: 537 (picked up May 2020)
Window Options: Front + Rear
Frame Color: Orange
Panel Color: Black
Tent Options: Added Driver’s Side Tent Door
Tent Fabric: Dark Gray

Added an additional stargazer window (see pics)
Rear panel hinge upgraded to new hinge design

Condition: Good
Side panel hinges have not been replaced yet. GFC has confirmed via email that they will honor the warrantee and replace the side hinges for a new owner. The panels are currently secured with the GFC “trip saver” kit (see pics).

Asking $6,000
Location: Portland OR area

We are interested in your camper. Do you have it still?

yes, some folks are coming around this evening at 5pm, but no commits yet. Let me know if you want to come by to take a look.

Yes, I still have it.

Just a shot in the dark, but is this still up for sale?

Is this still available?