FOR SALE: V1 XL Tundra Short Bed #871 with Extras

Selling my V1 XL Camper #871. Built for a 2020 Tundra short bed. Finished production around November/December 2020, so right before the V2 introduction. It has a gray frame with black walls and black tent fabric. I also added a matte black wrap on the roof. Includes both rear windows and dual tent side panels.

My holidays and new year are pretty busy, hoping to coordinate the sale in late January or early February, getting the for-sale post up a little early to see if there is interest.

Also, I have numerous additions to the camper setup. Would like to sell everything together as one package for $12k; however, I am open to negotiating if you do not want everything listed. If you are interested in any of the parts listed below, I will be looking to sell anything that does not sell with the camper, but first dibs go to whoever buys the camper.

o Beef bars x3 (~$600)
o Solar panel’s goal zero x2 (~$500)
o Goal zero yeti 3000 (~$3k)
o Dometic CFX 75DZ special edition with case (~$1,400)
o Truck parts lights (~$400)
o Drip rails Josh Edgar Designs
o Tent lock Josh Edgar Designs
o Interior panel lock Josh Edgar Designs
o StepUp Josh Edgar Design
o Kinsman awning (~$2,200)
o Fitted sheets (~$100)
o 1” memory foam (~$100)
o VRNCLR roof hang (~$100)
o VRNCLR side storage x2 (~$500)
o VRNCLR hang (~$200)
o Shitco rail mount
o Wind skid (~$100)
o Rago bedrail modular accessory mount x4 (~$460)
o Rago Tundra bed modular storage panel (~$400)
o Propex HS2211 (~$1,000)

Hey where are you located. And how much for just the gfc?

I am thinking $7k for just the camper. And I am in Dana Point.

Awesome, let me check with the wife and see if she’s down to pull the trigger on this.

I just went through this process selling my gfc off the Tacoma. Their lead times are shorter now but I want a v1 for the tundra.
Do you have any interest in a shell plus superlite? The shell is the cement color.

Unfortunately I am not looking for a shell, but that you have is nice! I’m with you on the V1s, I prefer them over V2s. I like the frames and that they are rock solid builds with the new hinge design.

I’m interested in your awning if you’d want to sell that separate.

Yes I’m interested in selling the awning separate. Anything that’s not sold with the camper I’ll sell separately.

Is the camper still available?

Yes it is still available.

I’ll buy your heater if t doesn’t go with the camper.

You got it. I’ll let you know what happens.

Is the camper still available?

Yes, it is still available!

Camper on its own $7k.

Why does this have to be all the way in CA :frowning:

Heater is not going with the camper if you are still interested.

Awning is not going with the camper if you are still interested.

Is the GFC camper still available, I’m in AZ and would be interested.