For Sale V2 Camper 2021 Tacoma Doublecab Longbed

For sale is my V2 Camper that was on my 2021 Toyota Tacoma double cab long bed. Great condition. Located in Everett Washington. Asking 8,000 obo

would you drive to socal to deliver?

Hey, furthest i’d be willing to travel is to redding california


Do you have more pictures? How long have you had it? Why are you selling?

Hey i do have more pics I can post in a little bit. I got it with my truck that I bought about a month ago. I’m 21 and have my wedding coming so looking to get a cheaper set up and put some money into other things.

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Ok if you are willing to come further down south. I’m game. Cash in hand

how many trips in the camper?

Sorry can’t do that, prefer to meet local but I have to pick soemhting up in Redding so furthest I’ll go

Hey not sure, I just bought it together with the truck and haven’t got the chance to take it out myself.

Do you still have this? In Bellingham and looking at another camper this week but very interested.

When you say long bed do you mean 6 ft?

If it is the 6ft, then I would love to meet up and take a look at it. I have a 2022 access cab with the 6ft bed.

I’m in Yakima, so I can drive over and transfer it over as soon as this week. Can you text or call? 425-591-6789

Is this still available?

Hey @dannygreben, super interested; find me in IG @joe.takenaka, or text/call 604-226-1183 when convenient. Congrats on the wedding!!

Hey danny if its still available ill come pick it up sometime next week no questions asked im local to you.

Is this still for sale?