For Sale: V2 Camper for Tundra Crew Max - Ready for Install January 22'

I have V2 Camper that is in the final stages of being completed with install slated for 1/7/22. I may have challenges picking it up in this time frame and candidly am re-evaluating my truck overall. In the meantime, I wanted to see what the interest is in a Zero wait time purchase of a brand new V2 for your Tundra. It has been paid for in full at this point. Asking $10K - OBO

Here is a copy of the invoice and options:

10/29/2021 XL Camper Payment 1 7,450.00
10/29/2021 Black (C241-BK01)
1 0.00
10/29/2021 F+R Window 1 400.00
10/29/2021 Stone Grey Tent Fabric 1 0.00
10/29/2021 Double Side Doors
1 525.00
10/29/2021 3 Beef Bars (XL) 1 627.00
SUBTOTAL 9,002.00

Is this still for sale?

It’s not. Thanks for the interest.