For Sale: V2 - Chevy 1500 6.5' Bed

GFC V2, built May 2022, on a Chevy 1500 6.5’ bed. Fits any Chevy 1500 from 2007-2023. Like new! Spent about 8 weeks between May and October camping in it. We loved life on the road and plan to upgrade to a bigger camper rig for longer trips. GFC charges $9300 for this model and options out of the factory.

Asking $7000
Located an hour from Portland but willing to travel.

• Front and rear windows
• Both tent side doors
• Tangerine Dream tent color
• Metallic Grey exterior
• Interior and exterior T-Track mounted O-Rings for hanging gear. Will include the extras we haven’t mounted yet.
• Yakima mounts and bars are separate if interested
• Truck also for sale. PM if interested in a package deal.

Any idea if this would fit.a Ram 1500 with 6.5 bed?

Welcome to the GFC Community!

Unfortunately, this camper would not fit on your Ram due to variations in bed styling, flare, and rake. Good luck with your search, and hit me up if you have other questions.

I figured but wanted ask. Thanks for the response and good luck with your sale.

Did this sell?

Is this still available?

What’s your contact info, I’m interested in discussing more. I have a 2019 Chevy 1500 with the long bed.

This is no longer available. I don’t seem to have permission to edit the main post though.