For Sale: V2 for Toyota Tacoma Long bed (gen 2 Tacoma)

Asking $7,000 obo. Located in the PNW


  • Has all window options
  • Tangerine color
  • Tent is relatively new GFC replacement (replaced by GFC at HQ)


  • All window options
  • 3x Beef Bars with updated 1 piece rack towers
  • GFC Solar tray with 100w Renogy panel
  • GFC installed weatherization kit (installed by GFC at service appointment)


  • 12v Dometic RV fan ($320)
  • SouthCo C5 Latches ($400)
  • Headliner on tent
  • LED lights top and bottom ($400)
  • USB plug in upper area ($20)


  • Shittco solar wire organizers ($95)
  • Jedgar drip rails ($120)
  • Jedgar stepups (to help getting into tent) ($45)
  • Frontrunner wind fairing ($180)
  • Lot’s of tnuts
  • 3x sets of awning poles and track mounts (3x $85)
  • Front molle panel with window cutout ($342)
  • Fire extinguisher mount- no fire extinguisher included ($20)
  • Cargo net “loft” under overhang
  • GFC red plaid sheets
  • Can include: DIY bug nets
  • Can include: DIY tent area insulation

This camper is dialed in. You will need to do a little wiring to attach the 12v accessories (lights, fan, USB) to your setup. You can also just tuck those wires out of the way and use it as is! DM me if you are interested. Reminder that the gen2 will fit on a gen3 if you want to buy a different door from GFC, you would need to arrange that. Truck bed bulb seals should be replaced prior to install with any canopy. GFC sells these replacements on their website. Please make sure you have this prior to installation.

Can email/text photos.

Thanks for looking!


Interested in the GFC, can’t find the good ol DM button though.
Email me if ya can, Thanks!


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Sorry, busy with holidays! Happy to send photos. Anything in particular you want to see?

Interested as well! Any and all pics would be appreciated. Where are you located?

Also interested.

I am interested if it is still available.

or 503-481-1340 to text me.

Heya! In case this is still available, I thought I’d reach out! Super interested. In Seattle. 804.612.4724


If this is still available I’m also interested located in Seattle. Any and all photos would be awesome, 2064466903.

Hi! This seems to have a lot of interest but I thought I’d add myself to the list anyway!

I live in BC but don’t mind travelling at all. Feel free to email me

Would love to see some pictures and discuss when/where to pick up! :blush:


Shoot! I just checked back in with the post and I messed up my number! Dang! My actual number is 805.612.4724. my email is

Still super interested :slight_smile: hope to hear from ya.

Still available?

tossing my name in the mix. Still available?

I am very interested if it is still available. Please email me at, thanks!

Still available? Super interested. If so, text me at 425.531.8265