FOR SALE: V2 GFC 3rd gen Tacoma in Salt Lake

I picked it up on May 30th 2022, absolutely love it but am getting an F-250. Has both windows in the shell and extra doors on the tent. Tent is grey, also have 2 beef Racks ($200 each) and sheets. Save a trip to Bozeman and save $175 for the install, this thing is essentially brand new looking for $8,000.
Also the Truck is for sale it is a 2017 TRD Off Road with 67k miles, single owner it has fox 2.0 shocks put on at 60k, Borla Exhaust, AFE Intake, Southern style off-road front bumper, Method wheels, Cali raised light bar, trailer break the list goes on. asking $44,000 for the truck $52,00 for the truck and camper.
New to the site so can’t add photos but email me and ill send some over.

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@Darwintaylor711 I emailed ya! Look out for something from Danny Maurer

Don’t see an email but it is still available!

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Ok, I emailed ya again but it’s probably getting caught in your spam filter. My email is:

Hey there! is this still up for sale? Is it for a short or long bed? I also just emailed you

GFC is sold truck is still for sale