For Sale: V2 GFC Camper 15-22 Colorado Long Bed Colorado Springs

We are selling our V2 GFC camper sized for a 2015+ Chevy Colorado long bed (6 ft) located in Colorado Springs, CO. It is in good shape with minor wear. The only minor issue is the latch lock on the driver’s side seized up and had to be removed. There are multiple suggestions for replacing this lock on the forum. I haven’t had any issues running just one lock though! The camper has front and rear windows, black panels, and orange tent fabric. Also included are:

  • GFC’s ladder with the mantis claw and mounts already installed
  • GFC’s fitted sheets (red and black plaid)
  • 1.5" memory foam topper cut to size (camper easily closes with this inside and it has made the bed super comfortable)

All together I am asking $6,500.

The camper has seen occasional use (~5 trips each of the past two years) since it was installed in June of 2021. We are selling it to find something more accessible for our aging dog. I am willing to drive within ~2 hours for a meetup with a serious buyer.

Let me know if you’d like to see more photos than the ones below and I’d be happy to share!

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Is this still available? I am in Denver and would be very interested.

Still available?

Yes, I still have it! I am in contact with the earlier poster for a meet-up, but can follow up with you if that falls through.

Ok thank you

This GFC is still available!

What are the dimensions of the bed this fits on?

Still available? I have 2019 w/ 6ft bed

Yes, I still have the camper. Let me know if you’d like to meet up!

I am in So CA, trying to get head around how to transport/install, any suggestions as you have been engaged in the topic for a while now?

That’s a good question, I haven’t been motivated enough to sell to contemplate the logistics of anything but a local sale. I’ll think on it.