For sale: V2 GFC for DCLB gen 3 Tacoma

What: V2 GFC with front and back windows, black body, tangerine tent, 3 doors (see screen shot of exact build).

Condition: like new. Bought from GFC and installer in November 2021. Slept in about 10 nights.

Price: $7,950 (paid $8,600)

Location: South Lake Tahoe, California.

Why: ugh, our family unexpectedly got a little larger, and we need something a bit bigger to manage us all. We’ll upgrade to a either a van or perhaps a trailer:(

We hate to sell, but happy that someone will be able to put this bad baby to use.

Would be all over this for 5’ bed, argh! Good luck.

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I’m in western Colorado interested in this?

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Yeah, the 5ft bed seems more common.

Will DM you JDboxer

interested and in sacramento. Ill send a DM

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forgot to mention the beef bars + the martin rack (CAMPER RACK (2005-2022 TACOMA DC) — MARTIN OFFROAD) is included. Open to negotiate a bit.

Hey Jaxste,

I may be posting my GFC for sale for a 5’ bed Tacoma (currently on a 2011 Double Cab Short Bed).

  • V2
  • Black color with grey tent
  • 3 tent access doors
  • Front and rear window
  • Ladder with claw mounts
  • 4 Beef bars

I’m located in San Diego

Will that fit a 3rd gen? Know you can’t move regular shells between gen 2 & 3 b/c of cab height.

still have this? am interested :slight_smile: thanks

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I have one for sale if this guys’ isn’t. 509-995-8822