For Sale V2 GFC Platform Camper with EXTRAS. 2015-2022 Chevy Colorado Short Bed

Selling my V2 GFC Platform Camper. Build #4131. installed in Montana in sept 2022. In GREAT condition. I have slept in it about 6 nights. clean and pristine. Included many options. does have a few pinstripes but nothing crazy.

  • This is from my 2020 Colorado ZR2 short bed.

  • 3 beef bars…2 shown but i have 1 more that will be included.

  • renolgy 100 watt solar panel installed using gfc solar panel trays

  • front Molle panel (must have accessory)

  • overland soft goods fabric mattress covers in red/black

  • optioned out with all the tent windows

  • added on rear view camper window as well.

selling because im building a larger set up.

located in SF Bay Area California.

Asking 8,000.

Thanks for reading!
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BUMP . still available

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Hey is this still available?