For Sale: V2 Go Fast Camper XL for 2023 Chevy Silverado 6.6 bed

Hi all!

I am selling our GFC V2 XL made for the 6.6 bed of our 2023 Silverado 1500. This unit was built with black panels, had front and rear windows added plus tent access doors sewn into both sides including the rear entry. The unit also comes with (2) beef bars and a nice flannel sheet set for all the cushions. The tent fabric was selected as stone gray.

The unit cost was $9718 and I am selling for $7500

A little back story on condition and previous use: We built this truck out to sleep our family of 4. I also built a raised sleeping platform of drawers with a built-in’s for a 2 burner stove and treated walnut ply for cutting prepping meals. I am going to offer to throw this system in as well for an extra 1k (basically material cost on wood + heavy duty hinge set) if the buyer wants a full overland setup. After using this setup 3 times as a family, my partner decided that it wasn’t the right outfit for our weekend adventures. The rig then ended up turning into my fishing vehicle, which ended up being overkill.

Overall use was one season with a total use of 6-8 sleeps. I ended up moving the truck for an EV commuter and have kept the topper in my garage thinking I would get a fishing raft custom fabbed to fit the topper, lately my boys are just old enough to float with a drift boat and I’ve realized I’m running out of time and room to make all the projects happen so I am going to move the topper set up.

It would make the most sense if the buyer lives in Hood River, the Portland area, or the great Columbia River Gorge area as the unit is located in Hood River, OR and install / transfer will be the easiest if the buyer is local

Best to all!



Is this still for sale? If so could I get the dimensions? I have an f150.

I might be interested in this unit for my Silverado. Last summer I sold my Colorado + GFC to switch over to full-size truck.
I’m down in Nor Cal but don’t mind long road trips.

Hi Paul,

Yes, the unit is still available / stored in my garage right now… let me know if you have any questions / thoughts.

Best to you



Yes, this unit is still for sale / being stored in my garage…

the long bar length that will run along the long run of your truck bed is 81.5 inches end to end… the short bar length that will run along the short run of your bed + your tailgate is 67.5 inches.

Let me know if you have any other questions / thoughts!

Best to you