FOR SALE- V2 on 6ft Tacoma Bed in Alaska!

Hey there GFC lovers just a heads up that I am posting my V2 for sale unfortunately due to some life circumstances. I am located in Alaska and figure there may be someone up here that has wanted a V2 but don’t want to make the long haul to get it or pay out for shipping. SO if you have a 6ft Tacoma and want a V2 topper ($7,000) with door on both sides ($525 extra add on), rear window ($200) interior lighting (nothing to crazy), and 2 beef bar racks ($400) let me know!
(parenthesis indicate GFC prices)

This thing has been used for a handful of trips and is in brand new condition. $8,000 and this is a without having to pay for shipping or installation!

Contact me for any more detailed photos or questions
(907) 7nine5-8six67

Pricing? What part of Alaska?

Hey shoot me a text if possible or call I would love to give you more details. I am not on my computer much so I will respond better via phone

Did you get your camper shipped up to Alaska?

Is this for sale still?