For Sale V2 Platform Camper for Short Bed 3rd Gen Tacoma SF Bay Area $5000

Camper’s in great condition, have the fitted sheets, vrnclr cubby, 4060 extrusions for mounting surfboards etc, and had the billet clamps installed when it was retrofitted for water intrusion. No front or rear window for maximum inner city security.

Moving to Hawaii as part of my military PCS and it’s almost as much as the camper to ship my tacoma with the camper still on it. Please take it off my hands and abuse it. Local pickup in SF Bay Area would be ideal as this is where it is but also willing to make the drive to socal if a deposit is thrown down before the drive.

Please feel free to email me at as I’m trying to offload it ASAP.

Hey There,

Is the GFC camper still available?



Sorry Sold