For Sale: V2 RTT for sale

Excellent condition! zero damage. It’s in perfect shape. Come’s with Beef Rack crossbars.
The RTT has been off my rig since the start of this summer.

I’ve got direct mounts for 5th gen 4runner if needed.

Selling because we didn’t use this enough and could use the money at this time.

Located in Corvallis, Oregon. . Willing to ship if buyer manages and pays for the entire shipping start to finish process. Happy to help w/ install process if local pickup.

Price: $4000 w/ beef bars, $4000 w/o beef bars. :slight_smile:

***I’ll be out of cell service from October 1st - 8th. But will check back asap on the 9th! Camping in the woods with friends (not in the RTT) for my 40th birthday. thanks for understanding!

little bump here. :slight_smile: Willing to chat about the price.

Is this Tangerine or Grey?

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If you’d take 2000 let me know. Thank you! (707) 315-5299

sorry guys, forgot to change the ad. this sold a while back for 3800$. thanks and good luck!