For Sale: V2 RTT (stone-grey) in Massachusetts

Hi there GFC’rs

I am selling the new version of the GFC roof top tent with racks, brackets, ladder, awning, etc. The tent is the stone-grey fabric color, currently mounted on 5th gen 4runner. All parts are from GFC with the exception of the VRNCLR interior storage shelf, Gzila rain-fly poles, and ARB awning. Awning is brand new, never installed or opened. The tent is only 9 months old and used about 15 times. It was installed at GFC headquarters in Bozeman. Now located in the Boston area. Selling because want to go other route…maybe GFC camper?! Also, willing to drive to meet up but will depend on distance. Asking $6000 bucks for all of it. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Here are specifics on parts with pricing not including taxes.

GFC V2 RTT $4000
5th gen 4runner mount kit $600
Beef rack crossbar (4) $800
Ladder + mantis claw $290
Mantis claw catch kit (2) $120
Universal mounting bracket (2) $130
Solar tray $125
RTT fitted sheet $95
Machined 90-degree bracket (2) $75
Track stud set (3) $60
VRNCLR top shelf black $175
GZila rain-fly pole holder with poles for 3 windows $225
ARB awning 2500mm x 2000mm part 814409 $400

Willing to sell just the rtt? If so, what’s the asking price?

Good evening, did you sell? I am from Montreal and interested. Let me know.