For Sale V2 SuperLite Used Once in Western Massachusetts

Hey I have a V2 SuperLite that I got during the sale this past February. It’s been stored indoors, inside the house (not the garage or basement) since then. I put it on my SUV this past week and took it camping for three days and loved it. Would love to keep it but my partner suddenly got a job on the West Coast of Canada, and we need to ship the car and can’t ship it with the tent attached, so I’m selling. It’s in completely pristine condition (like I said, stored indoors, used once), though there are two small snags or rough spots on the outer cover that seem like they might have been there when I received the item, though I only noticed them once I got it mounted, so it was too late to point it out. Anyway, they don’t affect the tent at all - they’re on the little flap that flips down when you zip up the tent. Happy to send more photos to folks who are interested. Local pickup (needs to be before July 12th, due to my move date. Thanks!
Just looking to sell for what I paid for it: $1500

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Is this still available? Morgan 310 two-two-seven 9242