FOR SALE: V2 XL Build Spot #2164 for Tundra Crewmax

Selling my build spot #2164. Only thing I’ve discussed with them is that it would be going on a 2021 Tundra CrewMax, no colors or other options set yet. This was originally slated for an August build date, but after my last email with GFC engineering last week, they are saying the build will start in the fall and I don’t want to be picking it up in the winter driving from Georgia.

Asking $650. PM me, call me (770)309-3642, or email me

Thanks in advance for your interest.

Spoke with Calder from GFC this morning (6/28) and this spot can be for any vehicle as no options have been set. Build date August 2021, depending on vehicle of course. They seem to be doing batches of specific vehicles. Price drop to $600.

Im interested can we change the size to fit the RAM 6.4 feet
thank you

Is this still available?

Hi if this is still available I’m very interested. Shoot me a message or reply here if we can make a deal, thanks!