FOR SALE - V2 XL on F-150

WHY WAIT 4, 6, 8, 12 months for a V2 unit.
I have a V2 (build #1491) that I took possession of in May 2021 (6 mo old). So, its still new. Due to some recent changes in my life I’m selling the topper. It is currently located in Bozeman Montana. It is sitting on top of my 2012 Ford F-150 (5.5 box) and my understanding is that it should fit a 2009 to 2016 but that can be confirmed with a few measurements (inside width and inside length).
The unit comes with load bars atop of the roof and additional screws and nuts to attach accessories to the side of the roof and base. It also has a front and back window which has been very helpful when driving and the extra light is nice. I also have 3 covers that can be attached to the 3 walls to help insulate and minimize the condensation build-up. I’ve spent $8500 for the entire setup; and so I’m looking for to sell it for $8500. Serious Inquires Only.
It will take about 4 people to lift it off or we could possible convince GFC to assist since they’re facility is down the road about 15 minutes. Contact me if you’re interested.