For Sale: V2 XL Platform Camper (Black/Stone Gray) for 6.5ft Ford F150 (2015-2020) - $7500

The camper is for 2015-2020 Ford F150’s with a 6.5ft bed. It’s in excellent condition. I have a custom truck bed and decided a slightly larger topper would be a better fit so I’m going to make the swap.

Price: $7500 cash or crypto (USDC, btc, eth) accepted

Location: Bend, Oregon

Possible Delivery/ Meetup Spots: I will be on a road trip to Montana July 3rd-10th so we could arrange a meetup somewhere between Missoula and Bend on my drive back. I will also be in Portland in late July around the 26th.

Canopy: Black Panels, No Windows
Tent: Stone Gray, Side Doors
Tent closure: Plunger set w/o locks

Included Extras:
VRNCLR Top shelf ceiling organizer in Coyote Brown
Shitco Awning Kit
GFC Red Flannel Sheet Set
(Mantis ladder clamps pictured are NOT Included)

Tent: near perfect condition, no rips or tears, zippers works great, slept in ~20 nights
Canopy Exterior: some light wear with a couple of small scratches, locks function perfectly
Interior: mattress pads look new, no signs of wear or stains, basically no wear on the downstairs frame or inside panels.

GLWS. I am curious about your truck build. How does the camper work with the custom flatbed?

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It’s just thru bolted into the top boxes which basically act as super wide bed rails. All the original GFC mounting hardware is included though. Pretty much any full size topper will fit on the bed, but currently there is a ~4” shim on the front bed rail. When I swap out to a topper built for 6.75ft beds I’ll remove that so the camper will sit closer to the cab.

The bed is a version of the Bowen Camper bed built specifically for my Tundra.

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So cool. I love the GFC integration with it.

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Price drop to $7k. VRNCLR top shelf was sold separately.

Listing SOLD