For Sale: Version 2 Build #1880 Gen3 Tacoma Brand New $7350

New Go Fast Camper picked up at GFC on 8/6/21. Version 2 Build 1880. Seller is a friend of mine that can no longer keep it. Made for a Gen 3 Tacoma Double Cab. It was only used on the drive back from Montana to its current location in Michigan and that’s it. Brand new condition. Skip the 8+ month waitlist and pick this one up. Located in Gaylord, MI. We will help you install the camper at pick-up. Asking what he paid for it. $7350.
Pics are on Expedition Portal. Sale Pending: Brand New Go Fast Camper V2 for Gen 3 Tacoma DC $7350 OBO Located in Gaylord, MI | Expedition Portal

Sale Pending and deposit received

I’d this is still available I’m interested. Pm me if it is. Thanks

I currently have a deposit on it. I’ll let you know if it falls through but it’s looking like a solid deal so far.

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