For Sale VRNCLR V2 Frame Packs Coyote

Brand New Driver side frame packs for a Jeep

Gladiator ( not sure if they will fit others)

I ordered these when I ordered the camper, But I didn’t follow through with the purchase

Asking $300 each free shipping to lower 48

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Still have these? Looking to finish up my storage capacity after 4 years lol

Yes I do , I bought a Super Pacific instead of the GFC


I also have the ladder kit with the mantis claws new in the box, Let me know if you are interested in any of the items

I’m interested in the mantis claw ladder + mounts if available. Assume will work with any GFC? I have a V1 on my Tacoma. What are you asking shipped for that?

where would it be shipped to ?

I’m also interested in the ladder and mantis kit. I ordered one from GFC weeks ago but they haven’t shipped yet. Lmk if the other sale falls through!

I sent a direct message, let me know if it didn’t show up. Seems like sometimes those things are squirrelly.

Hey - sorry, I’m terrible at checking the forum regularly. I missed the “jeep gladiator” bit. I don’t think they’re compatible with a V1 Tacoma frame. Do message if you find out differently though. I’m still interested.