For Sale - Wooden Drawer

Hey all,

I have a single, pull-out drawer that a local cabinet maker made for me. It has a few dividers and an internal stopping mechanism to prevent it from sliding out entirely. The external box is 3/4 baltic ply, the internal drawer is 5/8ths. I have used it and enjoyed it very much. There are a bunch of anchor points I screwed onto the outside which have proven to be very useful as well.

Dimensions: 4’ x 13" (tall) x 19" (wide)

The only reason I am selling it is that I am building a platform across the bottom for my 10-year-old to sleep on, and this won’t fit. No place to store it ;( I bought it for $350.

DM me and make me a reasonable offer. I live in Santa Monica, so you got to come here ;).

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I’ll have to measure my truck space. This might actually work out for me. What truck model was it in and do you have a photo with it installed?

tacoma shortbed. There is about 1’ of stuff behind it in the image. This is all I got

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most important bit of info- are you including the bottle opener?

of course, it is a structural component :wink:

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