For Sale: XL GFC Camper V2 for Ford F-150 6.5ft bed, Lots of Accessories

Selling my GFC Camper V2 for 6.5 bed Ford F150. I’ve spent a while building this thing out and adding to it, and will be including a LOT of accessories which are listed below. This camper includes all the bells and whistles from GFC including both side tent doors and front and rear windows.

It’s in great condition, everything works as it should and I’ve replaced a few wear items lately, including struts on doors and clamshell, along with weather stripping on tailgate door and plunger locks. There is minimal cosmetic wear on exterior, just some hardly noticeable striping lines from narrow mountain roads and trees rubbing it.

Accessories included:

Two GFC Beef Bars
Two Renogy 100w Solar Panels (mounted)
Renogy Charge Controller
All wiring from panels to controller (all you need is a battery to connect it all to)
ShittCo t-slot cable organizers
GFC flannel sheet set
JE Design Drip Rails
Two Driver Side VRNCLR Frame Bags

I will be getting a Super Pacific installed the first week of January and need to line up a buyer for my GFC in Portland that week. The sale price of $7800 includes professional installation at Super Pacific in Portland, OR.

Please reach out with any questions. Thanks!

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What made you want to get the Super Pacific instead?

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There are a few features that I think will be beneficial for the way I use it. Clear pass-through side doors, interior wiring chases, longer bed platform, dedicated storage solutions, modular clamshell/fuselage etc. The GFC has been fantastic though. Really no complaints. Just ready to try something else with different features.

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Will this fit a F350 short bed? On Ford’s site it shows the f150 “6.5” bed is 79” long. Which actually 6,7”

Hmm I dunno. Might be too wide. I bet you can look up the dimensions on cords site

Hey hey. Still have this for sale?

Is this still available? I am in Portland and am interested.

Hello, i am local in PDX and am very interested. Has it been sold already? Thank you, Chris.

Hello, happy to chat if this unit is still available.

I assume this is sold, but if not I am interested.