For those who use a hitch bike rack

As I am getting closer to my eventual pick up date, I’m ramping up thinking about my build and my camping situation. One thing just occured to me… I currently use a regular basic fixed Thule 2 bike hitch rack on my truck. For those who camp and utilize a hitch rack, how does it affect camping with the GFC? Does it get in the way? My rack seems like it will definitely be right in the way of things. Do you take it off even if you don’t plan to ride? Do you just leave it? Are there any suggestions that you have? TIA.


A lot of us use a swing away bike rack.

Yeah. I just went ahead and purchased the thule adapter. The price is robbery, but I’m sure I’ll be happier in the long run. Convenience is priceless, but that purchase stung a little. Anyway, it’s done.


I have a Rocky Mounts Backstage 2-bike swing away which I primarily use with the truck/camper. This is very solid and kind of heavy. I can shimmy into the camper without swinging it away; but that is not ideal. When swing away it is well clear of the rear of the vehicle. For my SUV I have a roof mount single tray and I also picked up a 1-UP heavy duty single tray for the 2" receiver hitch. The 1-UP is very well designed and light weight. It tilts down to access typical hatch and I’m planning to try it on the truck/camper to see if it clears the door well enough. If it does clear the camper door then a second tray can be added to the 1-UP and that would be a lighter option than the Rocky mounts.

The 1 Up rack clears everything when tilted

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Also really love the Alta Rack vertical bike rack. It clears the tailgate opening and is this very GFC compliant.

Rocky Mounts swing away user here…. Works perfectly as I only have one bike and I use the extra space for other things