Ford 3rd Brake Light Wiring

Ford F150 or Raptor 3rd Brake light install for Go Fast Camper GFC or Camper Shell.


Dang I need a video like this for a 2016 Chev Colorado. My 3rd light hasn’t been installed for a year lol

Thanks for liking my video. I don’t know much about the Chevy Colorado but you might be able to tap into your brake lights…? I was originally going to do this but due to the blind spot monitoring stuff with Ford that was not an option. You can also try tapping into your trailer light pigtail. Just google the wire diagram for whichever pigtail you have (5-pin or 7-pin) for the correct wire color to tap into. Hope this helps. I’m going to be posting a ton of GFC DIY videos so definitely follow along for future videos. :pray:t2:

took me full year to discover they’ve got that little wire in the engine bay for 3rd brake light you just hook right up to. wish this video had been made earlier!

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