Ford F150 third brake light help?

Hey all,

Picking up my GFC Beast this weekend! Wooooooo!

My understanding is that I have to do that on my own. Are there any videos/blogs/ideas that you can share to help?

Thanks so much

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Did you ever find out how to do it? I just got mine, and the shop said they couldn’t do it.

I I found on some forums that the 3rd brake light wire is in under the hood on the driver’s side. But what did you use to wire it to the back, and where did you ground it?

As luck would have it, I had my tires rotated at the dealership and they “forgot” to torque my wheels. Totalled my truck when the wheel flew off… I got a new Tremor out of it and they installed the 3rd brake as part of the deal.

wowww can you imagine being that tech??

if you’re talking 14th gen, there is a small orange and white wire under the hood on driver side near the wheel well panel that is the brake light wire. Run the wire from the camper under the truck into the engine bay and attach there. I had to wire a little amperage booster / management thing in line to get it to function correctly, but they sell them at auto stores.

here’s a description of the wire location from an f150 forum