Ford Maverick FE Hybrid build-out

Starting with the blank canvas… I just got home from my install at Apex and planning on documenting my build-out here:

2022 Ford Maverick First Edition Hybrid. My average gas mileage pre-GFC install:

  • since my cross-country move in July: 41.9 mpg (mostly local).
  • Total over the 14k miles, including 4,200 miles pulling just under 1,800lbs in a trailer: 33.7 mpg

Build-out plans include:

  • 200w solar
  • 100ah house battery
  • DC-DC charger & MPPT controller
  • fridge
  • solar vent fan like @pnwmountaineer
  • full time rearview camera since I didn’t get windows
  • top & bottom LED lights (at least red & white and dimmable, up most likely RGBIC)
  • @jedgar’s drip rails
  • Shittco rainfly poles
  • latch covers from @Buhlockaye
  • bug netting like @nat3060 has
  • round the corners of the rectangle bed piece like @nat3060 and @Vice_Chief did


  • putting in a window/porthole in the front panel that opens so I can pass-thru to the cab and use as a vent that won’t be visible/accessible to randos on the street
  • a pull-out drawer on one side, but with only a 4.5’ bed, I may not.
  • creating a removable rainfly that attaches via velcro
  • Headliner like @GainzGFC


Headliner 100% changes the feel and inside of the tent! Highly recommend along with @Buhlockaye lock covers if you’re in a colder environment where rain/mud will be.


Latch covers installed… super easy and definitely classes up the panels. Well done, @Buhlockaye

Trim installed along all the leading edges on the panels so I’m less likely to split my head open. Also, from a fit/finish perspective, it’s very nice.

Put in 10 of these tie-down points for either carabiner or 550 cord attachment points. 2 each on the top/bottom of the interior main support tubes and two on the back panel struts (these will not be load-bearing - will likely string 550cord across and use to put a roll of paper towels/etc on)

Tested out “couch mode” using 2x4s and the transform-a-floor panels.

Fridge still fits nicely with the “couch” in place.


Thanks @1derwomansapprentice ! Enjoy!!:call_me_hand:t3:


Looking super good! Excited to see your build progress.

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Nice! I also have a Maverick with a GFC camper that I just got in August. Mine is an FX4 AWD. I’ve installed a Bedrug (HIGHLY recommend), the latch covers - rear only so far, the tie down points similar to yours, some LED string lights, and a cargo net. The 2x4s with the transform a floor panels is a great idea. I’ll definitely try that. My only quibble is the GFC knocked the crap out of my fuel mileage. I was getting 28-31mpg before, I’m down to 23-25 now. Oh well, I guess that’s the price of fun. Looking forward to seeing your buildout!

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@Phil3mac - Yeah, I’ve noticed a MPG hit too. I think it’s more the wind drag than the weight, so I’m looking at how to do a wind fairing/deflector to claw back some. No regrets on getting the GFC though.

FWIW I strongly recommend the Wolfbox rearview camera or similar if you didn’t get the GFC windows. I’ll do a bit of a write-up soon on my install.

For your cargo net, is that one that goes across the bed at the tailgate or something else?

Yeah it’s definitely the drag. I hardly notice the weight when driving. I have the cargo net strung from the ‘ceiling’ so I can throw my bedding and other lighter things in it when heading to camp.

I did get the windows and got a pretty heavy tint on the rear one so people can’t walk by and peek in

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A few more photos . . I’m using the old cooler to store and carry all my camp kitchen stuff. It’s a perfect size for what I’ve got and I can use it as a step to get up inside the tent


Can’t wait to get a Maverick again. I had an FX4, tuned making just over 290hp/370tq. Moded it quite a bit and swapped in a euro Fiesta ST steering wheel (way more comfortable). Built a simple aux battery setup in it too. I averaged 34.5 from Fort Worth, TX all the way to Libby, MT (1800ish miles) loaded down.

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Beautiful build. I recently bought a Maverick with hopes of adding a GFC in the future. I see you are in Virginia. Any chance you are close to Richmond? I’d love the chance to get a glimpse of a GFC on a Maverick before I commit.

I’ll shoot you a DM