Ford Ranger Antenna when installing GFC Camper

Ford Ranger Antenna when installing GFC Camper.

1.What do you do with the antenna?
2.Can it be repositioned to the front of the Truck
3. Supposedly even with the Tacoma Short sharkfins Satelite Radio reception is affected.
4. Sirius XM is important to my lifestyle

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I’m not sure about Ford, but the shark fin on my tundra is not affected by the camper. For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t worry about it until you have your camper installed and then decide if it’s even necessary.

I got a ranger with GFC. They installed it with the antenna still attached and it just bends toward the rear of the truck. I haven’t noticed any affect on radio. I do t use satellite radio though. But I do know the camper fits with antenna attached

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Depending on what I read it get more or less complicated.

This is really good to know.

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Recent install on a 2021 Ranger here. I replaced the factory antenna with a Stubby - Amazon - before install. Just a quick screw off/on. I don’t listen to Sirus, but couldn’t tell any drop in regular radio quality.
Because of the razor-thin clearance as you can see, I suggest swapping before actual install day if you go this route.


or go directly to the source so you don’t end up with a knock off

I feel it is a required mod. others have cut off the tip but…

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Too bad this wasn’t around when I did mine. So I kept my antenna on and it just kinda bent to make room. No drop in service, no negative effects, etc. only problem is the rubber rubs on the camper and makes unnecessary squeaking noise on washboard roads. At high speed (60+) in dirt it’s loud enough to drown out more important sounds like suspension/running gear failures (had a blown fox dsc and never heard it blow). Swapped it for stubby—> no more squeak. Future owners do this mod. It’s cheap, takes no time, and is a huge pain in the A with a camper on top. :grin:

Hey Ranger Folks,

We just had an install on a Ranger that brought in one of these antennas and we still had to cut it off for it to clear the top of the Stubby. We recommend either running it without an antenna or installing the stubby after the install of your camper to be sure it clears.

I just bought a '21 Ranger which already has the sharkfin style antenna factory installed. I’m considering the GFC and would like to get a clearer picture concerning how reception may be affected. This pertains to SiriusXM, wifi, GPS, etc. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

Not sure I follow. What needed to be cut? The Stubby? The fin itself?

I have the stubby on my ranger and it rubs into the composite flooring. You should cut it so there’s enough clearance. Mine squeaks all the time from rubbing. It originally didn’t touch but the camper must’ve settled.

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@Jeffbreezy Is correct, overtime the camper will settle and even the stubby antenna will begin to rub the bottom of the overhang of the camper. So to answer your question, the stubby antenna needs to be cut, not the fin itself.

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mine rubs too. it didn’t at install but couple months later it started. kind of annoying when laying in bed but meh. someday I’ll trim it. all you need is about 1/4" taken off

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