Ford Ranger GFC Camper Update with Photos

Looking to sell my 2019 Ford Ranger w/ the V2 Go Fast Camper Shell. Never Slept in Camper!

The Ranger is a Lariat SuperCrew with the FX4 Package and offroad K02 Tires. The whole vehicle is stock except for a big mouth air deflector in the grill which helps the air intake.

The interior has always had seat covers since the day I purchased the car and I have all weather mats and a full sized spare tire as well. there are small cosmetic scratches that come with the life of owning a car and if you are interested feel free to reach out.

I am willing to just sell the camper.

It is annoying to add photos to this forum so PM me if you want photos.


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I am interested in the camper were are you located?

Hey, I am located in Jackson WY, HBU?

Hi cmorgan, you compelled me to sign up to inquire about your Ranger. I can get to Jackson pretty easily but curious on price, mileage, et al. Not sure how to PM on here. Please shoot me an email