For Sale Tacoma 3rd Gen Deaver Expedition Series Stage II Leaf Springs. Includes bushings and Ubolts. 300 highway miles, just not working for my build. $850. In Tucson, will consider shipping.

What’s not working for your build? Too light, too heavy……?

my daily driver bed weight is over 600 lbs (GFC, sliders, bed stiffeners, fridge slide, recovery gear, propane tank, awning, etc.) which didn’t compress the 2” lift. Camping buildout (800 lb+ bed weight) didn’t impact lift much either, so too much rake all around, Fox shocks overextended so didn’t come into play as required- I may opt for stage I at a later date but plan to talk to Deaver first. Stock mode, I was hitting the bump stops on forest service roads so that was the genesis for the original pursuit of Deaver leafs. Currently, OEM leafs with airbags with cups but not happy with this bandaid either. Your thoughts???

No advice here. I’m in the planning stage and was thinking of Stage 2. Based on your weights that seems right. Now it’s got me confused for my build which will be similar. Wonder if Stage 1 is the way to go. Very curious on what Deaver says.

I have a gladiator now but I’ve had 2015 and 2017 taco’s. A lot of people talk shit on AAL on the stock leaf pack. I did the same thing as you on my 2015 and the truck felt like I removed all rear suspension and had a ton of rake lol. I went back to the stock leafs with an aal and had great success