Forum replies to specific messages

When I attempt to reply to another forum member within a thread, I touch the reply arrow in the message that I wish to reply to and the arrow and member icon appear at the top of my reply. But, when I finish the message and send, it just replies to the thread and not to the specific member. Anyone else have this issue? Maybe I need to change a setting somewhere?


The reply button works for me, it just looks a little funny

Edit: Never mind, that’s a lie. I have seen it work in the past, but didn’t work on this post.

Reply button seems to work for me here. What are you using? PC / Android / Iphone / Chrome / etc

Update: Take that back, doesn’t work for me. Editing this post shows that it was a response reply, but doesn’t appear in the topic as one.

The button works and sends a notice but it doesn’t leave evidence on the actual thread