FOUND! WTB: used GFC or June '21 Build Spot

We have a deposit down but its likely going to be '22 and hoping to get out this summer with young kids (we are currently tent campers but the packing, set-up and breakdown time eliminates our ability to be spontaneous)

-2nd gen Tacoma short bed
-Denver area (wiling to drive ~12-15 hrs)
-If choices for build already selected (or used camper), must have:
-Cab and rear windows
-Tent side windows
-Black or grey panels
-Orange tent walls

Thank you!!

I have an August build #2112. I am selling for $1000 because I had to pay extra to buy an earlier build which I will be having installed 6/6!

Thanks for the offer. That’s rad you got a June spot, congrats! I’m going to hold out, for now, in case something cheaper or earlier comes along but will reach out if that doesn’t happen.

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Can’t help you with a summer spot but I have a November build up for grabs #2298, no options selected yet. $500 Cheers!

Thanks for the offer! I may be in touch if nothing earlier comes along

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Sounds good friend. I hope you find an earlier spot! But if not, let me know :slight_smile:

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Keep checking the forums! One will come up, I bought a spot monday and already submitted my options!!

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