Foundation 4x4 HI/LOW load bars

Introducing the Foundation 4x4 HI/LOW load bars for the GFC platform and roof top tent campers. These fit V2 and V2 Pro! Made from the same 6061 aluminum GFC uses and anodized in matching colors for a seamless integration. These bars shave 5/8 of an inch from the stack height of the GFC version in HI mode and 1-5/8” in LOW flush-mount mode. The bars are rated at 125 pounds each in standard width and 100 pounds for XL widths. They come in 100.00 dollars less than the GFC versions. These are perfect for outfitting your GFC with a kayak/canoe, mountainbike, , or solar panel setup!

Everything is included for complete install! Stainless steel black oxide coated hardware, cross bars, side plates and billet T-nuts! The cross bars use standard t-nuts so fitting any style t-nut or accessory is super easy.

If you need to fit into a garage these are the answer! The complete 3 bar HI/LOW system is 500.00 shipped for standard and 530.00 shipped for XL. More or less crossbars are available upon request. DM @foundation4x4 for orders on Instagram. PayPal invoice is payment method. Every GFC deserves a good mounting foundation.

To keep everything transparent my Name is Eric and I’m a first responder in Nashville, TN. This is step one of my small business to bring some awesome overland and outdoor products to the market. This isn’t a replacement for BEEF bars it’s just an alternative option. If you’re carrying an aluminum boat or super heavy 400lbs+ loads by all means go with GFCs BEEF bars.

I have been asked and yes, side mount plates are available à la carte! DM @foundation4x4 on Instagram to order.

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I haven’t finalized the website yet. Its a work in progress. All orders go through Instagram currently. I will send you PayPal invoice there. Same way Shittco invoices everyone. Buyer/seller protection too.