Fox Mission/Raceface T3 Tailgate Pad Test

GFC mountain bikers, gravel grinders and general cyclists - I purchased the new Fox Mission tailgate pad (the exact same pad as the Raceface T3, they are the same company) and this is my quick review post instal. Ask any questions and I will answer them best I can.

Main takeaway: you can close the rear panel of the GFC with the pad installed on your tailgate. The fold on and off padding is a great idea to allow for GFC integration. Can’t speak to longevity but hoping for a good few years.

Install process was a bit more tedious than tailgate pads I have used in the past but that is because of the adjustable nature of the pad. There are 8 straps and buckles in total to adjust and create a best fit for your vehicle. Based on your vehicles tailgate design, install times may vary. It took me 20 mins to get a fit I was happy with that worked with my Ranger’s tailgate and the GFC rear panel. Photo of panel closed is my final result.

While I know this isn’t everyone’s preferred method for carrying bikes, I am a fan and this pad fits my use incredibly well.