Frame bag

I found some bike frame bags on Amazon that fit almost perfectly. You have to get a tad creative to get the other 2 sides to attach, but that’s the fun of it!


Nice! Got a link or brand for that bag?
Also, is that an Ironman 4x4 water tank back there? Does your fill cap also leak??

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Yes that’s the Ironman 4x4, 13 gal tank. I haven’t had issues with it leaking, but I haven’t had it fully filled up yet. But I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that now.

Here’s the link for the bag. I ordered the medium (12L)


Is that a 5’ bed camper? Just wondering if those bags will fit the same on my Colorado’s platform camper.

Yes I have the 5’ bed


How did you end up attaching the top and cab sides? Do you think the large would fit? These are great for the $$!

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Not sure about the large. Depending where you want to fit the bag, just measure your opening and check out their measurement pics for their bags. I know the medium fits in the smaller triangle.

As far as attaching, the top I just used the little bolt that’s on the frame. I can grab a pic later on. For the side, I’m thinking of just using heavy duty velcro.

Thank you. I was going to measure today and have a look at fit.

Using the upper bolt for attachment is a fantastic idea,

For under $50 this is worth a try at the least.


Even with just the bolt and the straps on the one frame, it holds up just fine.

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hide your gaping hole. this is a respectful community.


:joy: got a link?

previous post has it and lock covers work great too