Frame bags

Found a great little etsy shop that made custom frame bags for me. I actually do a lot of bike packing and these are the best quality I’ve come across. Priced a lot less than what I was seeing from other posts, so wanted to share. Paid $130 for 2 bags, came with some extra pieces so I could hang with Velcro.


Those look really nice. Its good to see nice frame bags for a good price. I think that frame space is super useful and, honestly, the capacity of those spaces is more than it seems.
I paid way too much for my VRNCLR frame bags, but the quality of them is great. Also, the magnets for my V1 are awesome for easy on and off while camping.


Those were the ones that were SO expensive for 2. The upside with these is they are meant to be used in all outside conditions so should be fine tucked inside. Slightly different inside storage but for the price it’s fine. I used velcro for these so easy removal too.

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Are you attaching the top of the frame bag somehow to the GFC? Or does the frame bag have enough rigidity to work without top support?

I’ve been meaning to reach out to one of these custom bike frame bag companies to see if they could do this. Do you by chance still have your measurements listed? I’m not near my truck at this time and I have a 3rd gen tacoma as well.

I bought some 2” heavy duty Velcro for the top part. On the other side I used Velcro loops to hold it. My intent was to have soft, light weight things in the bags so if the Velcro doesn’t hold on the bag I’ll try to sew it into the bag. It’s pretty sticky tho.

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I do! The fit came out really good. I did try to ask for one side of the Velcro to be sewn on the top of the bag but I think it was lost in translation. But really responsive and took about a month total
From ordering to arriving in Colorado (from Ukraine).

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Awesome thanks so much, great find.

Great find, and appreciate the post! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to use some of the “dead space” at the front of the camper interior with some bike frame bags for a while. After measuring the dimensions, the Salsa EXP hardtail frame pack in size “2” ended up being an almost exact fit for my build. They are a little spendy at $100 apiece, but add a total of 15L of ready-to-go, permanent storage space off the truck bed. The packs are well made and essentially mirror images on each side, though I had to “destructively edit” one of them (left side) as the map compartment didn’t allow access into the bag compartment itself. Once I cut it out, it worked great. I added some adhesive velcro on the back side to mount it to the interior of the GFC. I will likely need to beef up the adhesive to the bag to get the velcro to stay on there, but so far the setup is working reasonably well.

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