Frame Rust After Less Than 1 Year

I noticed that the back vertical bar of the frame has already started to rust through the paint. I have had mine for less than a year. Anyone else have rust on their ‘space frame’?

Are you talking about the grab bar?

Woah…haven’t seen or heard of that!

I’ve had to replace my front/rear grab bars due to rust issues, but no issue with the frame itself so far. I have camper #168 so mine has been in the field for a while.

Keep us posted.

No I am talking about the frame that goes on the box of the truck that the tent is mounted to. Where you can see the frame from the outside when panels are closed, rusting there (back corner so not from rock chips etc. while driving).

Can you post some pictures? What part of the country are we talking about here?


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Yeah if you could post a pic that might help us understand better.

The photo makes me think that it’s just surface rust from salt exposure. I think I remember seeing others on the forum complain about rust internally, but I cannot recall exactly. Hopefully others with useful suggestions will chime in. I think that’s surface rust though… Maybe sand and apply some kind of adhesive cover or paint to that area?


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Looks like a poorly done powder coat imo. I’d reach out to them with that pic and I’d imagine it would be a warranty claim. Only going to get worse to deal with so if they don’t go good on it I’d sand it and repaint asap.

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My grab bars looked just like that and I agree with @GFC706 that it seemed like surface rust. I washed it with soap and water and used a little degreaser (citrus based product from my bike) and it seemed to come off pretty cleanly. Then I sprayed the T9 Boeshield product GFC recommends for inside the tubes on the outside.

It held up for about two months before returning to a similar look. Road salts…nasty stuff.

That looks like bad powder coat, I have had mine parked at the beach for 18 months and don’t the same thing happening

The frame is changing color from sun exposure but no hint of rust, unlike the newer bumper just beneath it.


Mine is a few years old now (#189) but starting to rust as well…assuming another year or so I will have to tear it apart and have it redone!!

This just in:

Orange Space Frames are the superior choice.


He He… Maybe. Mine’s doing well so far.


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Orange Westfalias seemed to fair well also.

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Did you ever strip your GFC down to the frame and re-powdercoat? I’ve got a V1 that got some significant rust in several spots and was thinking of tackling this project this summer