Free tailgate trim

I ended up with the wrong size “normal” tailgate trim. GFC hooked me up with the right size for my truck, so I’m happy to pass this one along to someone who will use it.

I may take it. I have a tacoma. Pictures?

Which generation Tacoma? It’s the wrong size for gen 1&2.

I don’t have any photos handy, but it’s the short standard V1 Tailgate Seal - GoFastCampers

I have a Turd Gen. with a V1. If it will fit, I’d take it. Send me a pm, and I’ll give you my address for shipping. I’ll pay shipping, of course. I can throw in a little extra for your shipping trouble if you’d like.


Great it should work. Will message.

I also have a third gen trim for a V1. I have a 2nd gen and I bought a used GFC off a third gen. Had to swap the tailgate trim.