Freight delivery

I’m having troubles finding out how to get my gfc.
I was talking to John about white glove delivery he said it’s gonna be $650-$1100 & he wouldn’t be able to get out in my area until early February, which wasn’t much help because that’s a huge range then I spoke to Matthias about freight he quoted me $860 for freight then also wanted to charge me $350-$950 to crate the GFC. I can’t really take the time off work to go to Montana and every other option kinda seems like I’m getting bent over. I’m not sure what to do. I’m based out of socal if it matters

Agree it is frustrating, but it is definitely a logistical issue related to a small start-up. I made the drive and it was worth it. I happened to have the vaca time, so I didn’t have to worry about $ lost due to not working, and by my calculations it was about the same cost as white glove delivery. I also didn’t like the huge range in install times/dates/locations–it might actually have been MORE expensive for me if I had to miss a work day or pay somebody to take my shift(s). One way or the other, I would absolutely have them install it (having the right tools and all), plus the peace of mind (warranty issues), but I’m not handy nor do I have a crane/bunch of burly neighbors. Good luck!

It’s a long day drive from SoCal to Belgrade, a recovery/install day and another long day drive home. Do you get federal holidays off work? You might be able to arrange an install on MLK Jr weekend or another weekend by taking only one day off (assuming M-F work).

2 days worth of driving each way, 1 install day sound about right from socal?

Anyone else from socal that have made the trip have some tips for along the way?

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The winter roads up there are sketching me out

Cost of crating is varying that much at the moment as it is dependent on our bandwidth to make the crates ourselves. If we don’t have the bandwidth, we outsource the crates which increases the cost significantly. We have a new hire starting next week which should allow us to offer crates at lower rates.

It’s a pretty simple drive, especially if you are just going to bomb up the freeway. On 15 you drive through Vegas, just west of Zion, on the west site of Yellowstone, most very scenic. You can go the longer way up 395 to 80 via Tahoe. Swing east to Moab and the Grand Canyon on the way back.

@Kevinroams You could do it in 3 shitty days, you would have to work out a special appointment for installs as they only offer them on Mon/Wed/Fri now. The White glove delivery to SoCal probably would be on the lower end of the range as several come down this way.

I may be a little late, but my camper is in the final stages of the install and ill be driving up from Southern California. I wouldn’t be apposed to renting a trailer and bringing a crated camper back.


Wish mine was close enough to being done to take you up on your offer. 751 here